Automated Packaging Systems: Thermal transfer ribbons

Automated Packaging Systems has introduced 3 new lines of high-quality, thermal transfer ribbons.

Pw 8827 M Auto Pkg Sys

Premium AutoLabel Ultra-V Thermal Transfer Ribbon is designed for durability in printing high-resolution bar codes, text, and graphics. The specially formulated, resin-enhanced wax ribbon is said to resist scratching, smearing, flaking and UV rays. AutoLabel UltraPrint Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a super premium, resin-enhanced ribbon designed for specialty applications. Features multilayer construction with quick release and advanced binding properties that are suited for extreme environments and overprinting on AutoGrafix inks. AutoLabel Tultra Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a full-wax, general- purpose ribbon developed for high-volume applications. High-density, black images are achieved at speeds to 12”/sec. suitable for both coated and uncoated papers.

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