National Adhesives: Laminating adhesive

National Adhesives has introduced a new high-performance resin adhesive product line that can help laminators attain maximum line speeds and reduce adhesive usage and production costs for P-O-P and other types of laminating applications.

The 32-542A resin UC adhesive is the first in a series of products to be introduced under the Ultimate Control adhesive brand name. It provides accurate, consistent, and optimal adhesive application control, as well as a balance of tack, open time, and set speed to reduce moisture transfer into the sheet. Hold-out properties enable operators to meter glue-line width, reducing waste adhesive drip from flute tips. Glue line thickness can be metered down, and adhesion and set time can be controlled on an application-specific basis. Formulated to work on all types of laminating equipment, resin adheres to a range of substrates, from heavy, coated, or varnished sheets to lighter, uncoated sheets.

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