Customized plastic tubing

Plastic tubing and hose manufacturer NewAge Industries now offers eight ways to customize tubing.

Pw 44086 New Age Ind Custom Tubing

These products, made to an engineer’s or buyer’s specifications, offer improved ingredient compatibility, lower procurement and inventory carrying expenses, a refined appearance, and reduced assembly time and labor costs.

The following tubing customization methods are offered:

• Custom extrusions, where additives are blended with raw materials for improved performance characteristics such as low temperature flexibility, improved elasticity, and anti-static properties; special colors can also be incorporated

• Hot Bond® thermally bonded tubing for a neat, contained ribbon of tubing without the use of damaging adhesives or cable ties

• Heat-formed shapes that eliminate problems such as kinking and proper fitting attachment

• Coiling to give traditionally straight or semi-rigid tubing easy movement and retraction

• Fabrication such as printing, striping, repetitive cutting, slitting, and hole punching

• Overbraiding and jacketing for heat and friction protection, plus added pressure capabilities

• Hose assemblies to reduce on-site inventories and labor

• Dip molded tubing for consistent interior dimensions, even flow, and the elimination of fittings and clamps

NewAge Industries customizes flexible and semi-rigid tubing materials such as PVC, polyurethane, nylon, fluoropolymer, thermoplastic rubber, and other thermoplastic and thermoset compounds. Custom tubing is used for foodservice equipment, automotive parts, and medical device industries.

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