DriCap Cartridges

DriCap® is a safe, non-toxic and non-dusting sorbent cartridge thatprovides exceptional moisture adsorbing capacity in a small space. With anumber of desiccant types available, versatile DriCap can protect a varietyof packaged products from the effects of moisture including caking, mildew,fermentation, potency loss and decreased shelf life.

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DriCap is available

with Silica Gel, Indicating Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, and Indicating

Molecular Sieve.

DriCap cartridges have several distinct advantages for your packaging:

* Non-dusting

* Compact size

* Greater moisture capacity in less space

* Durable construction

* Compatibility with automatic insertion equipment

* Slower adsorption rates for longer handling times

Typical applications include:

* Pharmaceuticals

* Medical diagnostic kits

* Electronic equipment

* Optical instruments

Indicating DriCap signals level of capacity

DriCap is available with indicating silica gel which turns from blue to

pink, warning when adsorption capacity has been reached and cartridge should

be replaced.

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