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Survey: Canned foods stocked in 98% of Americans' kitchens

A peek inside America’s ‘cantry’ reveals eight in 10 Americans don’t go a week without cooking with canned foods.

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A new survey commissioned by Cans Get You Cooking, a program of the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), reveals that for a majority of Americans, a home-cooked meal means turning to their pantry—or Cantry. An overwhelming 98% of Americans currently have canned foods in their kitchens, with the average pantry stocked with 24 cans.

According to the survey, canned corn is king, and vegetables top the list of America’s most popular canned ingredients (present in 79% of American homes), followed by beans (74%); broths, stocks, and condensed cooking soups (71%); fruits (67%); and meats and seafood (54%).

This portrait of America’s Cantry provides insights into how Americans shop and put homemade meals on their family tables, day in and day out. Americans rely on canned foods for mealtime solutions, and are always looking for inspiration, with 68% agreeing that they need new canned food recipe ideas.

“These results demonstrate the integral role canned foods play in America’s kitchen,” says CMI President Robert Budway. “The can is one of the best ways to get food from the farm to the family table, and most consumers keep a healthy mix of canned fruits, vegetables, stocks, and meats on hand, allowing for a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals that can be prepared any time.”

A look inside America’s cantry
Survey results provided the following insights on Americans’ use of canned foods:
• The average number of canned food items used each week is five—or a can each weekday
• Canned corn is the most popular canned vegetable in America, with 63% of Americans reporting they stock it in their Cantry.
• Busy parents streamline their meal prep with canned foods, and 86% agree they do not go a week without using cans.
• Among those who keep canned fruits in their Cantry, canned peaches (67%) and canned pineapple (63%) are the most commonly found in America’s Cantry, followed by canned fruit cocktail (56%) and pears (52%).
• Among all Americans, the top four canned fruit and vegetable classics after corn are: green beans, tomatoes (whole, diced, or pureed), peas, and peaches.
• Nearly three in four Americans throw away spoiled fresh produce. On average, Americans throw away spoiled fresh produce twice a month.

Cans Get You Cooking is a multi-year program supported by the CMI. Launched in February 2013, Cans Get You Cooking is designed to showcase the many benefits of cooking with canned foods, and demonstrate the variety of ways consumers can count on canned foods to help them get delicious, nutritious meals on the table for their family that they can feel good about, everyday.

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