Antimicrobial rubber

Elastoguard® antimicrobial rubber from the Speciality Elastomers Business of Milliken Chemical & Co.

Pw 14634 Milliken

is a new line of antimicrobial heat-cured rubber compounds that are said to help solve cleaning challenges in food, medical, and pharmaceutical packaging machinery. The biocide used in Elastoguard compounds is Alphasan[r] silver-sodium-zirconium-phosphate (silver-NZP) ion-exchange resin. It permeates the entire rubber part to provide skin-to-core protection without the zones of inhibition and noninhibition common with organic biocides, says the manufacturer. The silver-based antimicrobial agent is non-leaching, so parts achieve thorough and long-term protection. Suitable for preventing growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts on rubber parts such as seals, gaskets, O-rings, wheels, casters, diaphragms, tubing, and belts.

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