IOPP 2002 AmeriStar Awards (Continued 2)

Pringles Snack Stack Cup Best of Category: FoodPringles Snack Stack cups are high-barrier, custom-shaped, single-serve cups thermoformed in-line.

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Made of PP/EVOH/PP, the unique stylized-shape barrier cup provides excellent oxygen and moisture barrier, providing shelf life three to four times greater than typical flexible portion packs. Cup permits international distribution through warehouse channels. Pringles Snack Stack cups were introduced into North American supermarkets and drug stores in an eight-count multipack and a 24-pack in the Kraft "Mega" Lunchables program. A-24 pack is also available in warehouse clubs.

Supplier: Winpak Portion Packaging

Phone: 610/296-1524.

Torengos Tortilla Chips

Best of Category: Food

Procter & Gamble’s triangular Torengos package contains and protects the triangular dipping chips. The functional container design delivers fresh, unbroken chips to the consumer while still delivering value.

Supplier: Not available

Oscar Mayer Ready-to-Serve Bacon

Best of Category: Food

The new Oscar Mayer Ready-to-Serve package brings innovation to a growing segment via a convenient, easy-to-use, rigid/rigid reclosable package.

Supplier: Not available

Aluminum bottle

Best of Category: Beverage

The aluminum bottle is an innovative, high-performance packaging option for “new age” beverages, providing value-added features such as a radical shape for easy gripping, a unique plastic sleeve that integrates to a metal lug cap, and bold graphics.

Supplier: CCL Container

Phone: 724/981-5444.

Suntory Water Group PET Vend Bottle

Best of Category: Beverage

In response to growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives to soft drinks in vending machines, Suntory Water Group has developed an 11.5 oz. (340-ml) PET Vend Bottle that can replace any 12-oz soft drink can dispensed by vending machines. The new container provides the consumer friendliness of a reclosable PET bottle with the added convenience of fitting into vending machines.

Supplier: Constar International, Inc.

Phone: 215/552-3722.

Bacardi Rum’s Ciclon Bottle

Best of Category: Beverage

Through extensive market research with adult consumers, Bacardi determined a great deal of the appeal of Ciclon came from the unique product and equally unique bottle. The first-of-its-kind Tequila Spiked Rum deserved a package that not only set it apart, but also brought to life the energy of the product and brand name. The package exceeded all Bacardi new product testing scores with 90% of consumers rating it excellent or very good.

Supplier: Not available

Tampax Discreet, Durable Wrapper with Easy-to-Open Tabs

Best of Category: Health & Beauty Aids

Procter & Gamble’s Tampax Tabbed Wrapper is both neat and discreet. It delivers a subtle balance of consumer-focused package innovation with a simple elegance of design.

Supplier: Not available

Gillette Series Men's Personal Care Products

Best of Category: Health & Beauty Aids

The new Gillette Series Men's Personal Care Products offer a distinctive profile with molded-in "crescent" forms inspired by the grip details on the Gillette Mach III Turbo Shaver.

Supplier: Herbst Lazar Bell Inc.

Phone: 312/454-1116.

Glade CandleScents Heat-Sensitive Wrapped Candles

Best of Category: Household Products

Glade heat-sensitive, decorated candles from S.C. Johnson and Son have created an innovative new platform in the scented candle market by offering a unique product package combination. As the candle burns, the thermochromic inks on the paperboard fade to reveal hidden patterns in the shrink-wrap's design.

Supplier: Not available

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