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Contoured bottle fits Hansen's entrance into single-serve water

Hansen Beverage Co. entered the single-serve flavored water market in July with its Energy Water line sold in a 24-oz hot-filled polyethylene terephthalate bottle from Schmalbach-Lubeca (Manchester, MI).

Schmalbach injection/stretch blow-molds the 44-g ErGo-Grip[tm]. The bottle is nearly the same as the Fitness Water bottle introduced in April by Clearly Canadian and Reebok (see Packaging World, May '01, p. 2 or

The most notable difference is that Corona, CA-based Hansen's bottle uses a blue colorant with the clear PET. Another point of differentiation is Hansen's logo, which is debossed into opposite sides of the bottle in two vertical "pillars." This customization is possible through the use of two mold inserts, which means that Hansen doesn't have to invest in new molds.

"We wanted to get into the single-serve PET water market and began looking at existing bottle designs," recalls Tim Welch, senior vice president at Hansen's. "We realized we were not going to be happy with something that was not proprietary. However, we didn't want to go to the expense of building our own molds, which had the potential to exceed $100ꯠ." By modifying the mold, Welch says Hansen's costs are "less than a third of the cost of a complete new mold set."

The Hansen's logos are debossed into the lower, tapered area of the bottle that includes four horizontal rib panels that replace traditional vacuum panels while making the bottle easy to grip. The wider shoulder area is decorated with a color-coded heat-shrink label that matches one of the five varieties of flavored water. Topping the bottle is a 43-mm push/pull sports cap from Creative Packaging (Buffalo Grove, IL). The injection-molded closure includes a polypropylene base and low-density polyethylene spout with a clear PP overcap. Bottles are contract-filled at approximately 183°F. The 24-oz Energy Water line is rolling out nationally, retailing for $1.49. (JB)

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