Water tastes

from InterBev 2000: New aroma technology has been adapted to packaging technology by Scentsational Products Inc., a manufacturer of fruit-fragrance-infused closures.

Pw 17994 12scentcap

At the InterBev show, Scentsational Products (Jenkintown, PA) introduced 28-mm Flavorcaps™, push-pull sports caps for bottled-water applications. Scentsational Products claims the Flavorcaps, when placed on a standard PET bottle of water, give users the perception of drinking fruit-flavored water.

The low density polyethylene and polypropylene caps are manufactured by Utah Plastics (Salt Lake City, UT). The materials used by Scentsational are natural and artificial flavors approved by the FDA, according to the supplier.

Scentsational claims that although there is a perception of flavor when drinking from the Flavorcaps, nothing changes the integrity of the water. Ten flavors are available and can be applied to closures and containers such as cups and even straws.

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