Bottle bears more than drink

REPORTING FROM PACK EXPO: German pharmaceutical company, Hartmann is the first to use a new polyethylene drink bottle with a detachable storage compartment from Rose Plastic (California, PA). Hartmann stores a first aid kit inside the compartment, which is attached to a 400-mL bottle.

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The new lightweight container consists of a PE bottle shaped for easy gripping and a polypropylene closure and base. It features a wide-mouth opening that can be angled for ergonomic drinking.

On display at the booth, Rose Plastic says the detachable department can be used to store a cell phone, keys or personal items. Users, such as hikers or bikers, can store items in the compartment and then attach the container to backpacks, bikes or belts.

Both bottle and storage compartment are available in a variety of colors in 400, 575 and 750 mL sizes.

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