Valvoline valve adds elbow room

Valvoline's new line of SynPower® synthetic automotive chemicals includes two products that employ a unique new spray delivery system. The Lexington, KY-based company's Brake Parts Cleaner and Carb Choke & Throttle Body Cleaner are filled into aerosol cans and topped by a unique one-piece spray cap and tube that allows precise delivery into areas of a car difficult to access.

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The new Valvoline dispensing system from Coster Seaquist (Cary, IL) consists of an Integrated SprayCap(TM), an actuator and overcap combination, and the Elbow Extension Tube(TM). This long straw-like attachment comes fitted to the valve of the spray cap. The tube pivots 360° and can be removed by the consumer if a larger spray area is desired. The package can also be inverted upside down, unlike competing products. Both components are made of injection-molded polypropylene. SynPower marketing manager Keith Whitaker admits there are some additional costs due to the labor of assembling the delivery system, but states that "it's worth it to get the innovation." Competing products offer a straw, usually taped to the side of the can, which can be fitted into the dispensing nozzle to direct the flow of product. But those straws can easily be lost during use or storage. This delivery system sits on steel aerosol cans from U.S. Can (Oak Brook, IL). Cans are litho-printed in seven colors. They're filled on-site at Valvoline's Hernando, MS, plant. The new line is currently sold in west coast automotive products stores at prices from $3.19 to $3.29.

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