Oscar Mayer rolls out lunch pack for adults

Since 1988, says Oscar Mayer, more than one billion prepackaged Lunchables®-brand lunch combinations have been consumed. Based on that product's success with kids, the Madison, WI, Kraft Foods division introduced in November Lunchables Deli-Carryouts(TM) sandwich combinations for adults.

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Both versions are sold in refrigerated sections of stores. Six sandwich varieties, three with bagels and three with sub rolls, are sold in a thermoformed tray coded with SPI's "7," or "other" designation. The tray is compartmentalized, usually holding fat-free meats and cheeses in a smaller compartment, with bread, condiments, side dishes or dessert items in a larger section. Branded side dishes, desserts and/or condiments are prepackaged within the tray. Each Deli-Carryouts pack holds between 6 and 10 oz of food. The fact that the bread keeps fresh for an extended period is impressive. Predictably, however, Oscar Mayer wouldn't divulge packaging details or reveal what the shelf life is. Much of the lidstock serves as a window area, letting consumers see the product in the refrigerated case. Printed onto the lidstock are an awning and sandwich board reminiscent of the outside of a restaurant or deli. These areas carry product name and variety. A paperboard "label" glued onto the tray's bottom is printed with nutrition facts, ingredients and a bar code.

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