Lipton restages tea mix packaging

A new high-performance rectangular paperboard canister--featuring revamped graphics--is leading Lipton's sugar-sweetened iced tea mixes in a major makeover.

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Coincident with the updating, the Englewood Cliffs, NJ-based company introduces a new brand, Natural Brew in five flavors. Label graphics, including a new Lipton logo, were designed by Gerstman+Meyers (New York, NY). The new rounded rectangular canister comes complete with adhesively-applied gravure-printed labels. The foil/paperboard package is being produced by a new linear manufacturing line at the development center for Sonoco's Consumer Products Division (Hartsville, SC). It replaces a round canister, also from Sonoco, and offers improved convenience, easier handling and better space efficiency all the way from fabrication to the pantry. A new foil/paperboard base offers Lipton a package with a stronger environmental story, compared to the steel base on the previous round containers. The new canisters began shipping in early March in sizes from 24 to 80 oz.

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