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Worldwide Dispensers introduces the UpTap plastic bottle dispensing tap designed to transform large bottles into easy-to-use water dispensers. It features a no-spill 40 mL/sec pour with the air return tap.

UpTap plastic bottle dispensing tap.
UpTap plastic bottle dispensing tap.

The snap-on press tap also features a tamper evident ring and a 3-piece design with no detachable parts that could be a choking hazard. It fits market standard 48/41mm bottlenecks and delivers superior branding potential thanks to Pantone colour-matching and customizable cap top. On the operational side, the compact tap size means fewer change overs on the filling machine and optimized palletization for improved transport and storage. The initial launch of UpTap® is for water segment but it can also be used for juice, oil and many other products.
As 5-8L water bottles are typically designed to lay on the side, consumers can enjoy a glass of fresh juice or water directly from the fridge without the unwieldly difficulty of lifting the heavy container. The closure hermetically re-seals itself once the user stops pressing the button, eliminating the risk of spillage and water wastage because of leaving the tap slightly opened.
UpTap® uses an astonishing 48% less plastic than previous versions, saving space, weight and resources while strengthening Worldwide Dispensers´ reputation for using innovative design and technical prowess to drive sustainability.
“UpTap® brings together the two biggest trends in FMCG right now—convenience and sustainability. We know that shoppers, millennials, care about a brand’s environmental performance. UpTap® allows brands to improve on sustainability, differentiate, streamline operations and make their customers’ lives easier,” said Anton Donchev, Sales Director Worldwide Dispensers. “This is a perfect example of the ingenuity in design that we champion. Our team developed a product that uses less material upfront, is smaller and has fewer parts for easier recycling. It also enables the market shift to more sustainable large bottles, instead of numerous smaller ones, which brings environmental dividends with more efficient logistics, handling, warehousing and material use.”

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