E-commerce ice cream

The Ice Cream Club of Boynton Beach, FL, has an established business selling 3-gal tubs of ice cream to independent ice cream stores, retirement communities, resorts, restaurants, and other wholesale or foodservice accounts.

BOPP labels are digitally printed in four colors.
BOPP labels are digitally printed in four colors.

But when people kept asking for pint-sized portions for their freezer at home, the firm complied by launching a Web-based business. As Director Heather Draper puts it, “They pick any six flavors and those six pints are delivered right to their door.” Dry ice and an EPS foam box are used to keep the ice cream frozen during transit.

The paper-based containers and lids are supplied by Stanpac,  and for now the filling is done mostly by hand. The pressure-sensitive labels (usually applied by hand), are from WS Packaging Group. Printed digitally in four colors, the label stock is a white BOPP with a freezer-grade adhesive.

Draper says she’s mighty pleased about how helpful that WS Packaging’s Jessica Pelton was in designing the look in the first place. “It was as if she worked for our company,” says Draper. “She even designed complementary wraps for our trucks that matched thematically. It was just beautiful.”


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