Clarity, quality, and better logistics

A clear PET carton with tuck-in top and tuck-in bottom is just right for displaying a combo pack.

Clear PET carton is great for a combo pack.
Clear PET carton is great for a combo pack.

Weary of the logistical headaches that came with sourcing its clear PET folding cartons from an overseas supplier, Malibu, CA-based Malibu Wellness recently made a switch to a U.S.-based supplier named EnVision Packaging. According to Malibu Wellness Director of Operations Randy Jones, the ability to keep a smaller amount of packaging in inventory has made a big difference.

Four different SKUs are packaged in the clear carton. Shown here is a combo pack of 9-oz shampoo and 9-oz conditioner, both in PET bottles. Envision makes the cartons in two steps. First is a steel roll die cutter that cuts large sheets of PET, either 14- or 16-mm thick, into carton-size pieces. Then a folder/gluer finishes the task. The end result is a carton with a tuck-in top and tuck-in bottom that operators erect, load, and close by hand.

Malibu Wellness includes a paper insert near the bottom of the carton to communicate information in addition to what’s on the bottles themselves. But Envision has offset, digital, and screen printing capabilities in house.

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