Thermoformed clamshell is creativity personified

Efficiency in production, creativity in engineering, and strong collaboration between partners makes the Wright Medical universal clamshell a packaging success story.

Protective clamshell for Wright Medical's devices.
Protective clamshell for Wright Medical's devices.

Used in approximately 350 SKUs as part of the overall packaging configuration, the package is made by Barger, a turnkey designer and manufacturer of medical device packaging systems. Barger collaborated with Wright Medical to develop and manufacture a unique small rigid thermoformed clamshell that provides high product protection and equally strong end-user satisfaction. Judges in the IoPP Ameristar Awards competition gave the package an award in the medical device category.

With a beauty in the simplicity of its design, the 2.5” long x 1.5” wide clamshell has a consistent footprint for easy validation, and it can be used in both sterile and non-sterile presentations. In fact, the forward-looking design was made suitable for EtO, Gamma, Gas Plasma, E-Beam, and other sterilization techniques. The distinctive thermoform has no sharp edges that come into contact with primary packaging material, ensuring no punctures or pin-holes to outer bags while in transit or during storage and handling.

States Scott Duehmig, director of sales – Custom and Medical Divisions Placon/Barger, “This is a great example of how collaborating with our customers can lead to exceeding expectations with a design that is simplistic, not only filling today’s requirements but with added flexibility for future products.”

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