Coke Consolidated division Peel N' Tear label

BYB Brands, a Coke Consolidated division, is taking advantage of special extended-test labels on its Tum-E Yummies brand, a fun, nutritious drink option for kids that comes with a spill-proof sports cap.

Extended-text label on Tum-E Yummies.
Extended-text label on Tum-E Yummies.

Bemis Performance Packaging, a leading supplier of flexible packaging, pressure sensitive material, and roll-fed labels, makes The Peel N’ Tear™ label, an extended roll-fed label providing a patented, perforated, removable coupon. The back of the coupon portion is printed to convey a variety of information including variable gaming, cross-merchandising, new product launches, or rebates and discounts. A full label remains on the bottle after the coupon is removed. As a result, the UPC and deposit copy remain, allowing the bottle to pass through the redemption and recycling processes. 

The Peel N’ Tear™ label provides a unique solution for small bottle labels. The peelable corner entices consumers to tear off the perforated coupon, revealing the gaming code that drives consumers to the product’s website.

“The Peel N’ Tear™ platform offers our customers a unique approach to bottle labeling and targeted communication with the end consumer. The concept was borne out of collaboration with our allied equipment partners, which together with Bemis print technologies delivered true innovation to the beverage market,” said JB Fisher, General Manager – Beverage Segment of Bemis Performance Packaging. “Peel N’ Tear™ demonstrates Bemis’s commitment to the beverage industry, which is part of our active pipeline of secondary and primary packaging innovation targeted at this segment.”

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