CR auto additives closure

Sea Foam Sales Co., an auto additive manufacturer in Eden Prairie, MN, was among the first to employ the new VUN CR AF child-resistant closure.


Made by Bericap, this two-piece screw-cap closure is especially designed to fit securely on aerosol containers. Sea Foam’s Phil Fandrei, vice president of sales, says, “We’ve found this to be an excellent cap. Not only does the VUN CR AF meet Federal regulations for child resistance, it has stopped the leakage problems we had with our previous container altogether.”

Bericap specialists worked closely with Sea Foam’s product packagers to ensure a smooth and rapid transition to the new cap where filling and capping machines were concerned. The new cap is currently used on Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Trans Tune. Both hit store shelves in 2010. “Even during the recession,” says Fandrei, “sales were up significantly in 2010, and we’re up again so far this year.”

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