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Pw 4838 Eska Beauty 2

Plunging into new coil-to-can aluminum beverage packaging for its pure, esker-sourced water, Eaux Vives Water, Toronto, launched two product varieties in Exal’s bottle-can format in July 2008. Explains Martin Kuev, the company’s director of marketing, “Impact extrusion was an option, however C2C was more in line with what we were looking for in terms of the light weight, environmental benefits, and cost implications.”

Eska Water is offered in still and sparkling varieties, stunningly decorated in silver and in navy blue graphics, respectively, in a 300-mL format with a threaded, resealable cap. The bottles join Eaux Vives’ lineup of PET bottles in 330 and 500 mL and 1 and 1.5 L, and its 750-mL glass containers. “The aluminum bottle provides a unique differentiation point for our consumers in that it is both very fashionable, as well as environmentally friendly,” says Kuev. “Consumers like to be seen drinking from the unique bottle, and are also being environmentally savvy, as well.”

Kuev adds that Eaux Vives chose bottles made with C2C over IE because the packages have 30% to 40% less weight, involve faster production speeds, and contribute fewer carbon dioxide emissions than heavier formats. “Less weight saves on transportation costs,” he says, “and in terms of sustainability, the bottles are 100-percent reusable and recyclable.”

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