Bemis: Recyclable stand-up pouch packaging

Bemis Co., Inc. launches Encore™ ultra-clear recyclable PE film that combines readily recyclable material with shelf-appealing transparency. Film offers benefits of low haze, good stiffness, and high gloss and is suitable for use in manufacturing stand-up pouches.


This technology helps CPGs attract today’s consumers while achieving the sustainability goals of their businesses.

“CPGs can feel confident with Encore™ ultra-clear recyclable film; it can provide the clarity and transparency shoppers demand, and still run on most standard existing manufacturing equipment,” explains John Wilson, Market Manager. In comparison with prior offerings, this new Bemis technology provides the advantages of a standard standup pouch, with the added benefit of improved recyclability. It can also incorporate convenience features, such as press-to-close zippers.

Encore™ ultra-clear recyclable film was designed to be recycled through existing How2Recycle store drop-offs. Encore™ ultra-clear recyclable film is currently available across multiple markets, including dish detergent pods, pet food and treats, confection items, and more.

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