Bemis Healthcare Packaging: Child-resistant disposal pouch prevents accidental exposure

Bemis Healthcare Packaging’s new child-resistant pouch for disposal of transdermal patches and inhalers prevents exposure to toxic drugs.

Pw 186345 Cr Disposal Pouch Pouchopen Closed

Bemis Healthcare Packaging engineered a child-resistant pouch for the safe disposal of transdermal patches and inhalers. Using the company’s expertise in blown film technologies, laminating and pouch conversion, Bemis has successfully engineered this unique, protective solution. This pouch is designed to help prevent accidental exposure to toxic drugs such as fentanyl, a potent opioid pain reliever. According to the Food and Drug Administration, young children and pets can easily remove discarded medicines from household trash. The FDA and other federal agencies recommend following instructions on medication labels and talking to health care professionals about safe storage and disposal of medicines.

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