Spartech Corporation: In-mold labeled lidding system

Spartech Corporation’s new 1-Seal system in-mold labeled lidding system for premium packaging eliminates the need for an additional foil seal or film membrane, providing food marketers with a strong, 100% recyclable packaging solution.

Pw 39489 One

By leaving a portion of the in-mold label surface exposed inside the lid, the 1-Seal technology allows a container to be capped and sealed without an additional foil seal or membrane. This streamlines the sealing process by completely removing a step, and reduces waste due to membrane failures and membrane scrap. The technology also incorporates highly-decorative graphic labels using an In-mold labeling process. High-resolution graphics can be incorporated directly onto the lid for maximum consumer appeal and branding.

The 1-Seal technology is consumer friendly as well. Since the label, lid, and tray are made of polypropylene, the container is 100% recyclable. Its user-friendly, re-sealable closure system provides a secure, airtight seal, ensuring the freshness of products both at the store and at home. Additionally, the containers are heat tolerant and microwavable.

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