Taisei Lamick USA, Inc: Films for liquid packaging pouches allows high filling speeds

Designed for packaging viscous liquids, Taisei Lamick’s three films for liquid packaging machines feature a unique, high-quality appearance and quality construction.

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This film is durable, puncture resistant and features very tight seal strength. Contents stay fresher longer, as minimal air is sealed inside the pouch.  Allows significantly higher filling speeds over sustained periods of time.  Speed is maximized when the film is used with a Taisei Lamick DANGAN III Liquid Packaging Machine, but impressive speeds can be obtained when any liquid packaging machine is used with Taisei Lamick film.
Three film types are available.  XA-H and XA-HD films are designed for hot filling, where the pouring liquid is near boiling temperature. XA-S film features allow for a tight seal even with high viscous substances, such as oils. By adjusting the intermittent filling option on the Dangan III liquid packaging machine, solid contents, including seeds or plant substances, can also be sealed.  Film can be customized to meet a variety of needs.


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