Quality Assured: Roll-fed extended content label (ECL)

The BackPack® Roll-Fed ECL from Quality Assured uses a multi-page booklet construction that can be opened from 10 to 350 degrees and offers up to 200% more content area.

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Utilizing a multi-page Roll-Fed ECL allows brand owners to:  include federal and state required regulatory information at legible type sizes; provide value added product information, such as recipes or use instructions, to consumers looking to educate themselves about product purchases; keep health and safety information with the product for the entire product life cycle; maintain space for brand and marketing messages; and include multi-lingual content.  Economic and sustainability benefits include reduction of SKUs, especially--in the case of multiple export countries—to reduce printing and inventory costs.  Using roll-fed ECLs lowers material cost  compared to pressure-sensitive material for booklets; and the thin, lightweight film to produces more labels/roll to reduce shipping costs.  No liners (as with pressure-sensitive booklets which contain non-recyclable silicone) also means less waste.
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