Exopack: A smarter, flexible "bottle" design

Smart Bottle is an innovative line from Ken Wilkes and Exopack.

Pw 2944 Bukowski Smart Bottle1
The Smart Bottle 1 design is a 4-sided pouch, that integrates a large pour spout along with 2 handles to make pouring and handling much easier. The package has been tested in volume sizes ranging from ½ gallon, up to 5 gallons.  The new package can hold either dry or liquid contents and has branding opportunities on 4 sides. The package is a lightweight, flexible alternative to large rigid containers. It is being showcased at the Exopack booth and is close to commercialization.

Another exciting option in development that Exopack showcased is the Smart Bottle 2, which features a 4 side seal pouch that is then blowmolded into a bottle. The 4 sides seals form the 4 vertical corners of the "bottle". The result is a very lightweight, threaded bottle, which incorporates the graphics from the pouch into the design, so no sleeve is required. While not currently available, the Smart Bottle 2 showcases the exciting possibilities by merging different packaging technologies together in order to achieve significant lightweight potential.
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