Curwood: Metallized sealant film for coffee

Formulated specifically for coffee packaging, bMET™ II metallized sealant film from Curwood allows roasters to transition from 3-ply films to 2-ply to reduce packaging material weight up to 30%, while producing glossy product appearance.

Pw 3459 Webcurwood
For roasters already using 2-ply films, packaging material weight can be reduced by 10%. Increases roll footage 17% on a typical 16 ft. OD roll. Reverse-printed in up to 10 colors, the films give filter and fractional packs a glossy finish that maintains its appearance through repeated handling. Offers good seal strength, and resists flex cracks and delamination. Provides the barrier equivalent of metallized OPET. Convenience features can be incorporated for easy opening and controlled directional tear.
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