Plastixx FFS Technologies Inc: Self-venting package

XFLO™ from Plastixx FFS Technologies is a self-venting package incorporating built-in back-seam technology which allows excess air to escape after the filling process but will not let air back in once sealed.

Pw 4602 Webxflo
Premade bags are available or the material can be purchased as f/f/s gusseted tubing. The integrated labyrinth valve allows products to be packaged at high filling speeds while creating a cleaner and more efficient filling process. Designed for a variety of packaging applications, XFLO is moisture and water resistant. Made from a strong, durable 3-layer film containing polyethylene resins with quality sealing characteristics. The package eliminates particle dust, creating clean, safe and healthy environments for bagging facilities, retailers and end-users. The 100% recyclable, easy-to-palletize package features 8-color print capability, including 4-color process print graphics over the entire surface--front, back and inside gussets.
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