Winpak: Winpak: Universal-sealing blister foil

Winpak’s WINCARE universal-sealing, extrusion-coated blister foil seals to all blister films, can be printed in line and can be easily pushed-through.

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The universal sealing feature offers an alternative to traditional lacquered foils that do not provide strong seals to non-PVC or non-PVdC blister films. Sealable to PVC, PVdC, PS, HIPS, PET, PP, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, COC, SBC, PLA, BOPA, PCTFE (Aclar®) and Barex® resins. Sealing directly to Aclar® improves overall barrier for sensitive drugs and optimizes the inert nature of Aclar® as a product contact layer. Available in hard and soft tempers, in thicknesses of 20 and 25-micron. Complies with all FDA regulatory requirements.
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