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Magic Steam™ high-temp film from Bemis Flexible Packaging–Milprint Division is FDA compliant up to 275º, making it suitable for steam-heating a wide variety of meats, meals, vegetable medleys, sauces and more right in the bag.

Pw 5899 Webmagicsteam02
Magic Steam film with seal-vent technology withstands temperatures high enough to heat proteins while also maintaining a hermetic seal throughout distribution. The film self-vents without holes, slits or perforations, eliminating openings that can allow contamination into the package. Bemis Magic Steam film is ideal for prepared meals and side dishes containing meats or other proteins, as well as for traditional steam-in-bag applications such as vegetables. Consumers can heat, serve and eat foods from one package--using the least amount of material possible. Available in formats including quad-seal pouches, bottom gusseted standup pouches and pillow pouches, the film can be combined with easy-open features for convenient, scissors-free opening. Available as rollstock or pre-made pouches, the film will run easily on existing VFFS or filling equipment without machine modifications.
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