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Honeywell’s (Morris Township, NJ) NyLid™ nylon film for lidding is suitable for cold-fill, hot-fill, or aseptic packaging. It’s said to resist tear propagation so that it peels cleanly from a tray’s flange without tearing down the middle.

Pw 16716 Ny Lid

It’s microwavable, it can be frozen, and, unlike foil, it permits metal detection after it’s been applied. Available in daisy chain (shown) or roll-fed formats, it can also be supplied in stacks of individual, die-cut pieces. NyLid, which can be converted to seal to HIPS, PE, PP, or CPET, debuted at Pack Expo Las Vegas at the Autoprod (Clearwater, FL) booth; the film used there was converted by Genpak’s Processor Packaging Div. (Peterborough, Toronto, Canada).

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