French Rabbit came first

Boisset’s first alternative package for wine was French Rabbit, a 1-L Tetra Pak Prisma®. Like Yellow Jersey, this paper/foil/polymer lamination was launched through Ontario’s LCBO and was driven largely by environmental concerns. The promotional tag line accompanying the launch: “One smart rabbit. Savour the wine. Save the planet.”

Pw 8296 Boisset Fr Rab Db

Environmental claims made by LCBO at the time of the launch included these:

• The French Rabbit format reduces packaging waste about 90% over wine in glass and costs much less to recycle than colored glass.

• It takes 25 trucks filled with bottles to equal just one truck filled with empty Tetra Pak containers, which are knocked-down blanks made of paper/foil/film.

• Only 4% by weight of what consumers bring home is packaging vs. about 40% for bottled wine.

Boisset now markets French Rabbit in 10 countries, including the U.S. and France. It has also launched French Rabbit in a 250-mL Prisma format. Four units in a corrugated wraparound corrugated sell for about $10.50 per four-pack.

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