J.L.Clark upgrades to computer-to-plate

J.L.Clark (Rockford, IL), a manufacturer in the fields of metal decoration and fabrication as well as plastic injection molding, now offers in-house computer-to-plate (CTP) technology.

With CTP, also known as digital-to-plate technology, digital information such as typeset pages and artwork is stored in computer files and ultimately transferred directly onto metal printing plates using laser imaging during the pre-press operation. The plates are then mounted onto the printing press and printing operations then take place.

Traditionally, offset lithography was applied in lieu of CTP technology in the pre-press operation. The former process required that the final typeset pages and artwork first be transferred onto film, which then would be chemically transferred (photographic process) onto a plate, and then printing operations would commence.

For J.L. Clark, CTP technology allows the company to provide its customers with extremely accurate registration and increases the visual quality of the final product with cleaner and shaper imaging. This enhances the products shelf presence, company says.

J.L.Clark’s CTP technology contributes to a decrease in the amount of operations per job by 50% and a decrease the time to complete a job by as much as 65%.

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