Printed PET film adorns cosmetics cap

A unique cone of PET film is what gives the multi-component closure on Eau d'Amore cologne its vivid color. Marketed by Korean cosmetics manufacturer Pacific, the cologne was launched in Korea in October '95.

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The film is offset-printed in four colors to resemble a piece of colorful, historic Korean fabric. It's formed into a flexible cone that is dropped over a polypropylene base cone, which is vacuum-metallized in gold. For protection, a clear styrene acrylonitrile sleeve slides over the base cone, trapping the film in between. The SAN sleeve is locked into place by the gold vacuum-metallized PP sphere that tops the closure. According to a spokesperson from LIR-USA (Yaphank, NY), whose sister company LIR-France supplied the closure, one of the chief challenges was to form the PET film into a cone without distorting the printing. The company wouldn't disclose details of the forming process.

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