Metallized film does the Trix

Walk through the local supermarket's cereal aisle and you'll be bombarded with a display of vivid, colorful cartons. While it's not easy to stand out from such a crowd, Minneapolis-based General Mills believes it can with its Trix®, and new Team USA Cheerios®.

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Actually, it's the embossed logo/lettering that stands out, quite literally, from the cartons. Here's how the 17-oz Trix decoration, for example, is produced. First, 48-ga polyester is coated with a release agent, then printed gravure in four colors, vacuum-metallized and adhesive-coated by Crown Roll Leaf (Paterson, NJ). Crown ships 4"-wide rolls of this material to two converters who in one step emboss the word Trix and hot-stamp it, in perfect registration. During this process, the print and metallization transfer from the polyester onto the Trix letters on the sheet. The adhesive assists in bonding the print and metallization to these areas. These carton sheets have already been gravure printed in six colors except for the portions that form the word Trix. These portions are blank. The result is a raised, metallized logo that provides kid appeal. What does all this cost? General Mills isn't saying. But the cartons are short-term promotional items, so it isn't the sort of upcharge the firm will have to absorb in any ongoing way.

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