Crouton pack combines metallizing, 8-color flexo

A copper top isn't just for batteries any more. The shimmering copper effect on the top of Loblaw Brands' President's Choice Sourdough Croutons is created by laying down a transparent yellow ink atop a metallized polyester, says Loblaw director of packaging Brian Farb.

Pw 25610 Flexo 1

No less impressive is the high-quality printing on the rest of the package, especially a highly detailed salad vignette. The film is printed flexographically in eight colors by Peel Plastic Products Ltd. (Brampton, Ontario, Canada). Retailing for $1.99 Canadian, the upscale package was introduced in Canada in March '95 and won a gold award in the flexible packaging category in the Packaging Association of Canada's June '95 competition. The adhesive lamination consists of 0.8-mil reverse-printed polypropylene, 0.5-mil metallized polyester, and 2-mil linear low-density polyethylene. The current structure was downgauged from previous ones that included foil, yet there was no loss in barrier. Shelf life is five months, which is quite respectable considering the product is made without preservatives. The product will be marketed soon in the U.S.

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