Cryovac to spend $300 million to boost output

In the next three years, Cryovac will spend $200 million expanding its North American flexible packaging plants, and another $100 million at overseas facilities.

So reports William Sturgis, president of the Duncan, SC-based division of W.R. Grace & Co.

As part of the domestic capital investment, about $100 million is earmarked for state-of-the-art bag production equipment at Simp-sonville, SC, Iowa Park, TX and Mississauga, Ont., Canada. Another $30 million will enable Iowa Park and the plant at Seneca, SC, to boost production of flexible films, especially for fresh-cut produce customers. Several new printing presses will also be added.

The balance of the domestic capital will improve production of laminated films at the Simpsonville plant. Last year, the company improved output at plants in the United Kingdom and France, and announced new plants in Malaysia and Russia.

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