Dual-compartment yogurts are catching on

First it was TCBY Enterprises with its Twosome line (see PW, November '94, p. 24) of two-compartment yogurts. Now The Dannon Co. has launched a similar line called Double Delights.

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The dual-compartment cup holds 4.5 oz of dessert-type yogurt and 1.5 oz of fruit topping. Six flavors reached store shelves in February, where they retail for about 79¢ each. The White Plains, NY-based firm wouldn't say if its new line is available nationwide or only in certain regions. Though TCBY elected to go the preformed cup route, Dannon thermoforms its own polystyrene cups and fills in line. Sophisticated graphics on the foil lidding were designed by Cornerstone Design (New York, NY). While ingredients are listed on the lidding material, a side panel label carries the Nutrition Facts box and another label on the adjacent side panel includes the Dannon name and the script-style product name. A special shelf unit also has been created to display Double Delights in the dairy case.

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