Diamond launches Emerald snack nuts

This month, Diamond of California will launch nationwide its Emerald of California snack nut brand in both rigid and flexible packages.

Pw 13007 Eclip Diamondnuts

Eight products will sell for $2.59-$4.99 in emerald green canisters containing 10 to 12 oz, while six varieties will retail in a 7-oz, resealable stand-up pouch for $2.99. All 14 will also be available for $2-$2.50 in 4.5-oz “mini” canisters (not shown) targeted to convenience stores.

Owens-Illinois blow-molds the canisters, which have a high-density polyethylene/ethylene vinyl alcohol multilayer construction. The emerald green container fits into auto cup holders and into backpacks. Two side grips make it easy to hold for on-the-go consumers. Consumers remove an injection-molded polypropylene cap from Berry Plastics to reveal a heat-sealed, peelable lidding membrane from Savoye Packaging. The liner structure is polyester/metallized polyester/linear low-density PE.

A full-body, oriented polystyrene shrink-sleeve label from American Fuji Seal “was utilized for the custom canister design, and for shelf presentation requirements,” says Vicki Zeigler, Diamond’s public relations manager. The 2-mil label is printed gravure in 10 colors. Artwork was provided by FutureBrand, both for the rigid containers and for the stand-up pouches from Deluxe Packages. The pouch structure includes 48-ga polyester that’s reverse-flexo-printed in eight colors/48-ga metallized polyester/3 mils LLDPE.

Packages are filled at Diamond’s Stockton, CA, facility. While the pouches are filled on existing equipment, a new line was installed to pack the canisters. Packaging Technologies served as the integrator for the line. It also supplied a filler and capper. A Heat and Control Ishida scale feeds product to the filler. An American Fuji Seal labeler applies the shrink-sleeve label.

“Diamond of California has been around since 1912, and our consumers clearly define Diamond as a culinary and in-shell nut company,” says Zeigler. “We wanted to create a separate brand for our snack nut products that are targeting a younger, broader consumer demographic.”

After conducting consumer research, products were test-marketed in more than 2ꯠ supermarkets in California early this year. Strong acceptance led to the nationwide launch.

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