Custom Powder Systems to Showcase Products at PACK EXPO Connects

At PACK EXPO Connects, Custom Powder Systems will showcase its products and its team of experts will be available to help with creating solutions for specific applications.

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• The Serialization Aggregation Workstation (SAW) was developed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind. Within a nearly closed system, SAW organizes, labels, and scans product bottles and shipping boxes.

It reduces the number of times something needs to be physically handled, and this has been shown to increase output by nearly 500%. Organizations that had been getting 1 or 2 cases done per minute are suddenly seeing upward of 10 cases/min.

This is all done without the need to add employees and with a footprint much smaller than other assembly workstations.

• Column lifts are designed to elevate and accurately place bins, drums, tanks, and other equipment. Easily place containers over tablet presses, encapsulators or process tanks, or elevate containers between plant floor levels.

Visit booth and find out what Custom Powder Systems can invent for you!

PACK EXPO Connects–November 9-13. Now more than ever, packaging and processing professionals need solutions for a rapidly changing world, and the power of the PACK EXPO brand delivers the decision makers you need to reach. Attendee registration is open now.

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