ALLIEDFLEX Technologies Introduces Rotary Pouch/Bag Fill/Seal System

Allied Flex Rotary Machine

The new FLX R8 series of rotary packaging machines debut at Pack Expo Connects, November 9-12, 2020. Building on the popularity of their FLX Machinery Series, ALLIEDFLEX has expanded their program by introducing their new FLX R8 Rotary Pre-Made Standup Pouch Fill/Seal model to accommodate the filling and sealing of popular pre-made standup/sipper pouches and quadseal side gusset bags. Models include simplex (1 UP) and higher output duplex (2 UP) models.

The new FLX R8 Series system can accommodate a wide variety of popular pouch and bag formats including popular standup/zipper and Quad styles. The FLX R8 320 Z (zipper) model offers a wide size range to accommodate popular retail, club and food service sizes on a single machine platform with rapid size change over features. The FLX R8 series is designed to handle popular pre-made pouches and bags made of laminated, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials. 

The FLX R8 series utilizes a Rockwell/Allen Bradley control system and user-friendly color Panelview HMI operator interface. The system is manufactured to meet UL and CSA electrical codes and sanitary construction features. The Rotary FLX R8 series can be configured with a multitude of filling systems including weighers, augers, liquid pumps and other feeding mechanisms to suit a multitude of product applications including retort pouch packaging applications. 


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