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Automated In-Line Packaging Machine

Ranpak's Cut'it! EVO Multi-Lid can apply multiple branded lids, which streamlines operations for e-commerce businesses.


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Ranpak Holdings Corp., a global provider of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, announced the development of Cut’it! EVO Multi-Lid, a solution that allows up to four distinct lids to be applied via one Cut’it! EVO machine, improving customer experience and managing multiple branded lid requirements through a single packaging line.

Ranpak’s Cut’it! EVO solution automatically shortens cartons to match their highest point of filling and then glues a lid securely in place. Cut’it! EVO delivers ROI by enabling labor savings, EOL flow optimization, an enhanced unboxing experience, shipping cost reduction, reduced material usage, and improved stock management. Overall, it assists packaging operations in reducing costs and improving performance and sustainability.

Today, growth in e-commerce is driving more complex warehouse operations, including managing multiple branding requirements. Flexible box branding has become paramount for companies to navigate direct sales alongside B2B activities or providing fulfillment for different brands from one facility. With up to four unique branded lids available on a single machine, the Ranpak’s Cut'it! EVO Multi-Lid allows a single packaging line to serve multiple customers, optimizing space and future-proofing businesses.

Moreover, Cut'it! EVO Multi-Lid enhances the unboxing experience with easy-to-open boxes featuring a tear-off strip. The visually appealing boxes are both strong in construction and tamper evident due to glued lids, which minimizes damage during shipping, leading to fewer returns.

“As market dynamics shift, the evolution of Cut'it! EVO Multi-Lid stands at the forefront, redefining the future of packaging and offering unrivaled ROI that extends far beyond labor savings," said Bryan Boatner, Global Managing Director of Automation at Ranpak. "It truly offers customers the ability to transform their end-of-line supply chain operation.”

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