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Robotic Bottle Unscrambler

Packfeeder offers the pickFeeder automatic robotic bottle unscrambler that can be configured with 1, 2, 3, or 4 delta robots depending on output requirements.


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These systems are able to sort a variety of shape, material, and color bottles without any interaction between the machine and line operators. This is due to the fact that the format parts required for different bottles are no longer needed, thus providing an automatic changeover function.

The combination of 4-axes delta robots with an intelligent track system makes the pickFeeder a versatile machine with automatic changeover of the market, optimizing the performance of every system and guaranteeing the best soft transfer to the outfeed conveyor in the world.

With the new process, the main novelty lies in the separation of the bottles horizontal pick up from their transfer to the outlet conveyor in a vertical position. Existing technologies for bottles sorting were performing both activities with the robots. However, thanks to this separation, in the Packfeeder solution the delta robots can keep themselves concentrated only in the bottles picking, therefore their capabilities in terms of speed, size, and cost are maximized. Meanwhile, the carousel is in charge of receiving such bottles and delivering them to the conveyor in vertical position and with a precise speed synchronisation, what avoids falls and misplacement of the bottles.

Although increasing the production speed of each robot was an important goal of the project, the main objective was to provide an automatic format changeover to our customers. Our partners and customers are asking for maximum flexibility on their machinery and lines to face endless geometries, colors, materials, textures, finishing of the bottles.

After having successfully installed the pickFeeder series in different installations, the equipment is meeting the expectations and demands demanded by customers.

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