Gerhard Schubert GmbH: Transmodule transport robot for picker lines

See it at PACK EXPO--Booth #7937! Schubert’s picker line for ready-fill syringes features Schubert Transmodules as transport elements: transmodules are intelligent vehicles which are driven by a servomotor and carry out numerous transport tasks.

Pw 43184 Schubert Transmodule Syringe Pack Expo 2012

Initially Transmodules were supplied with point-to-point control, which was suitable for intermittent operation. Now Transmodules are driven with continuous-line control and are capable of both continuous operation or a combination of intermittent and continuous movement, making them paarticularly useful as a transport system for picker lines.

The Transmodule is said to be the first transport robot worldwide.  The interchangeable tool is can be designed to accommodate specific products and packaging requirements.

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