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We offer an extensive portfolio of solutions for both primary and secondary packaging machinery for a multitude of industries including food, beverage, dairy, aerosol, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer products, explosives and various industrial applications.

Aerosol, Cartoning, Chub, Cup Filling, MultiPacking, and Pouching Equipment

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Years in business:115
Number of employees:420+
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Sales Channel:Direct
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24/hour 7-day in-house and field technical support.


We offer comprehensive training programs tailored to your operational needs as well as to the skill level of your employees. Whether you have a well-seasoned maintenance team or looking to bring new hires up to speed, we have the right training model for you. Utilizing on-site instruction by factor certified trainers, on-line tutorials, or a combination of both, our training programs provide clear, easy to follow guidance on how to properly maintain your packaging equipment.

Other services:

Preventive Maintenance Kits - We understand what parts you will need, and when, to keep your packaging lines running as efficiently as possible. By purchasing preventive maintenance kits direct from R.A Jones and working with our trained technical staff, you will benefit from discounted pricing, reduction in stocking level on wear parts, and guaranteed warranty periods on all parts. Select from a variety of pre-made kit options or request a custom kit for your special operational needs.

Machine Audits - A good maintenance program should include regular machine audits. Our audit service involves one of our highly trained service technicians coming to your facility and conducting a thorough inspection of your equipment. Upon inspection completion, you will receive an easy to read, comprehensive report detailing the current state of your machine along with any recommended actions necessary to keep your machine in the best possible operating condition.

Field Service - Sometimes your maintenance program requires expert help. Whether you’re looking for reactive or preventative maintenance, machine audits, updates and modifications, or complete rebuilds, we have a highly skilled and trained technician right for the job. We understand the importance of getting your problems solved quickly, which is why R.A JONES strives to have a technician at your facility within 24 hours in the USA and 48 hours anywhere else in the world.

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Covington, KY 41017
United States
Toll Free:1.800.216.4499

Experience what over 100 years of engineering excellence, superior after market service and being a part of Coesia, the largest network of packaging technologies and process solutions in the world, can bring to your production line and service challenges.

R.A JONES supplies superior packaging machinery for a multitude of markets including food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer products, explosives and various industrial applications. R.A JONES offers an extensive portfolio of solutions for both primary and secondary packaging machinery that includes:

AEROSOL:  Our KP-Aerofill series of machines includes low to high speed equipment for those needing aerosol and rotary liquid fill systems, rotary base aerosol crimpers, gasser/shakers, propellant and liquid fillers, bag-on-valve (BOV), air powered through-the-valve (TTV) technology, and more.

BEVERAGE/MULTI-PACKING: Our Wraptor, Meridian, and Maxim series of machines provide a wide range of solutions for any mid to high speed can and/or bottle (glass or plastic) production line needs. Whether single tier or double tier, 4 pack to 48 pack, our machines can handle multiple package configurations and types including E-Flute and B-Flute cartons. Ask about our Automatic Magazine Loader (AML) integration capabilities.

CARTONING: Our comprehensive portfolio of machinery includes end load and top load cartoners. These can range from hand load vertical end load cartoner to fully automated systems. Familiar branded cartoning technology includes: CMV, Legend, Legacy, and Criterion.

CHUB PACKAGING: Our KartridgPak Chub Maker series of chub packaging equipment established the chub package category decades ago. Features/benefits include: close-clip option, continuous motion, rollstock clips and film, PLC controls, simplified clipping head, stainless steel construction, heat, radio frequency and extruder sealing options, and more.

CUP FILLING: Autoprod and Holmatic cup filling systems are the flagship series of cup fillers manufactured and services by R.A JONES. Fill, seal and overcap preformed cups, tubs and trays. Options include 3A sanitary design, film and foil sealing (knife cut sealing or pre-die cut pick and place), seal-less CIP volumetric piston filler, and much more.

POUCHING: Pouch King is our high speed pouch-filling series of horizontal form fill seal machinery with patented printed circuit heating technology for 3-sided, 4-sided, gusseted and stand-up gusseted pouch styles. R.A JONES also supplies and supports VOLPAK pouching equipment in the US, including access to the groundbreaking and patented Standcap Pouch technology.

R.A JONES is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna, Italy www.coesia.com

Packaging for: Adhesives, Applesauce, Beer, Beverages, Butter, Candy, Caulks & Sealants, Cereal, Cheese, Coffee, Condiments, Cookie Dough, Cookies, Crackers, Cream Cheese, Explosives, Fruit, Ground Meat, Ground Beef, Household Care Products, Ice Cream, Jams, Jelly, Juice, Lubricant, Milk, Paint, Pasta Salad, Pesticides, Potatoes, Potato Salad, Pudding, Resin Bolts, Salads, Sauces & Soups, Sausage, Seasoning, Shortening, Shredded Cheese, Snacks, Soda, Sour Cream, Tissues, Whipped Cream, Yogurt and much more.

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