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The wrap-up: Taped creativity

Packaging tapes are available in themed versions from bacon to cowboys to Jesus.

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Like many of you, I regularly conduct Internet searches for things packaging-related. These searches can lead me off the beaten trail at times. Such was the case of a recent search that led me to the Web site of Silver Crow Creations.

The company's Web site boasts a wide and varied range of "pressure-sensitive" tape. The company's adhesive tapes show plenty of creativity for sealing cases and other packages. They even permit you to add personality to your next packaging effort, whether professional or personal. As the company boasts, "Lots more fun for the folks at the Post Office than those boring paper and clear tapes they usually see!"

One of the more functional products is the ruler tape. As you can guess, it has the measurements printed right on it.

Cowboys have universal appeal, so a "dirt brown" cowboy tape seems a natural. The company claims that "This style of packing tape is just wonderful as a way to decorate a gift wrapped in kraft mailing paper." One wonders with all the hoopla over a recent cowboy movie, perhaps this particular packaging tape is riding a newfound sales boost.

Food for thought

I'll let the company's own copy provide the sizzle for its Bacon Packing Tape (pictured): "Do you have friends who are always hungry? Think they'll eat anything that even resembles food? Well, this will stick to their ribs! Just teasing - raw bacon strips line this funny packaging tape. Use it in lieu of ribbon on some butcher paper for the perfectly bacon-wrapped gift!"

Then there's Jesus Packing Tape. I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but it features a long line of portraits of Jesus, 82 feet to be exact. Although Silver Crow Creations acknowledges that "a bit irreverent it may be," it is suggested that besides sealing packages, the roll can be cut into stickers to decorate holiday cards.

They also offer black cat tape and an eye-catching holographic tape.

Lastly, there's Smart Women Tape. The Web copy says "We know it's true, don't we? Smart Women Hold it Together, alright! Well, now this tape seals the deal. 30 yards of bright yellow tape are ready for you to spread the message!"

As you can see, there are many other ways to dress up your packages for shipment than you may have thought of before.

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