Software alters your package size to fit more on a pallet

Video from Cape Systems shows how software allows you to redesign your primary package size to maximize the number of packages that can be shipped on a pallet.

The CAPE PACK Design Group can help you determine how to maximize the number of primary packages on the pallet, while looking at new sizes for those primary packages. The Design Group will calculate a new size for the primary packages and then evaluate various arrangements of them. It will then calculate a case size based on that arrangement. Subsequently, the new case is palletized for shipping.

The customer specifies the shape of the primary package, a starting size, how much it can vary in size, as well as how many you want in an arrangement and, if necessary, how the primary package should be bundled in groups within the arrangement. The primary package can be a box, bag, bottle, cylinder, oval or trapezoid or any shape created in the Make a New Shape Feature.

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