Syringe packaging line uses latest European technology

This complete line is an example of the building capacity of Marchesini Group regarding syringe packaging solutions.

The line is composed of:
  • AEC machine for plunger insertion and labeling of pre-filled disposable syringes;
  • FBZ420 is a balcony deep draw thermoformer for large formats with high speed die-cutting and “Zero” cross –waste version
  • Linear labeling machine, Model BL600
  • Robocombi the latest-design robotized solution from Marchesini
  • MA352 is a continuous cartoning machine.
  • The automatic labeler, Model BL400V, for application of a vignette label or similar on the upper face of formed cartons.
  • The case packer/palletizer, Model MCP 840, is formed as a Monobloc machine unifying the case-packer MC 820 and the palletizer MP 830.
The output of the line is up to 18.000 pieces/hr

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