ALX Pallet Systems: Aluminum pallet

The newest aluminum pallet from ALX Pallet Systems , the C5 Pallet, is a 48 in. x 40 in. closed loop or semi-closed loop pallet.

Pw 4932 Webalx
The C5 pallet weighs 47 lbs.—a 20% weight reduction and 35% cost reduction--and provides an ergonomic design without compromising strength and performance. The closed loop pallet features: long life (15+ years); quality performance with automated systems and extreme temperatures; ability to rack 3,200 lbs; deflection measured in mm, with no pallet creep or deformity. The pallet is toxicologist-approved, 100% recyclable and sustainable, and fully compliant with UL, FM, GreenPeace and the US EPA standards.
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