Nordson Corporation: Nordson Corporation: Nordson Corporation: Recyclable ink coating offers glass decoration alternative

FROM PACK EXPO 2008: Touted as a possible replacement for labels on glass bottles, Hartness Inks ( showcased its Uvaclear™ coating technology.

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Coatings can be made in virtually any Pantone Matching System ( color, with the exception of metallic foils. The traditional red bottle shown here uses pure gold. Fluorescents and thermographics are in development.

Hartness Inks is partnering with Inx Intl. ( to supply the inks, which contain no volatiles or metals. Kammann ( serves as the machinery partner, while Nordson ( supplies the spray technology used to apply the ink to the bottle.

Can run to 250 bpm

According to Hartness, the full bottle coating process has the potential to run at 250 bpm; 200 bpm using six-color printing. The coating is said to provide comparable barrier protection to amber glass and can provide a UV barrier with a clear coating. A short video displayed how the coating is sprayed to bottles as they’re rotating in place. Color changeovers are possible in 15 seconds.

The company promoted the process as a sustainable one, not only because the inks are made with organic materials, but also because coating and curing the bottles requires less energy than does the typical process for producing colored glass. Hartness said its process was more economical than using shrink-sleeve labels.

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